Obstacle 1 (3 song object)

by The Cicely Satellites

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first advance sonic object for forthcoming fourth album


released August 28, 2009

Gato; drums
Púter; bass
Jordi; guitar, keys, vocals

mixed by Jordi
produced by the satellites



all rights reserved
Track Name: Creation of Consent
Wise men work by creation of consent;
its been done before, and it will be done again,
wise men work by creation of creation of consent;
a game only won by cheating

now go, and meet me in this half life

Los listillos funcionan creando el consentimiento,
se ha hecho antes y se hará otra vez,
un juego amañado sólo se puede ganar haciendo trampas

y claro, así es como vivir una vida a medias.
Track Name: Peter's soul
If you try to hold me down,
I will get up again,
said Peter's soul to the crowd,
while standing on a ledge,
where one soul at a time,
jumped towards the earth,
in an everlasting circle of return,
I will get up again.

And I stood up, after touching the ground,
and I said yeah,
felt my bones back,
and a sour (and familiar) taste in my mouth,
when I said yeah
I raised my hand when they pointed across,
(asking for a volunteer)
and I said yes
to live in a lost and found world,
to start again ,
to that, I said yes.

If you try to slow me down,
I will get up again,
I will leave a sign somehow (to prove myself that I was here before)
I will get up again

Si em llences a terra,
em tornaré a aixecar,
digué l'ànima d'en Peter a les ànimes que esperaven
fent coa per saltar cap a la Terra,

i quan va tocar en terra,
notà els seus ossos un altre cop i un regust amarg i familiar a la boca,
en Peter digué que si quan demanaren;
qui vol tornar a viure? que digui si.

el món es com una gran habitació plena d'objectes perduts,
i en Peter digué si,
tornem a començar,
en un cercle etern de retorn,
em tornaré a aixecar.
Track Name: Obstacle 1
You're an obstacle in front of the view,
I think I'm gonna go and remove you

You're an obstacle in front of the view,
I'm gonna go and remove you,
because I want to.

You're obstacle number 1,
you're like Scooby Doo in a Spiderman movie

And you may not like it,
but someone has to do it,
you may not like it, but someone has to do it,
You may not like it but someone has to do it,
I'm not thinking anymore,
I'm removing you

Ets un obstacle que tapa la vista.
Crec que aniré i et treure del mig.
Em fa ganes fer-ho.

Ets l'obstacle 1,
ets com l'Scooby Doo a... una pel-lícula de n'Spiderman

I potser no t'agrada
però algú ha de fer-ho
ja no m'ho pensaré més,
vaig a fer-ho,
ho estic fent,
t'estic treient d'enmig.